Steve and Robin Rains – Lead Pastors

•   Your most satisfying accomplishment: Being able to invest in people.

•   Favorite 80’s song (or band): Kenny Loggins – Highway To The Danger Zone.

•   Least favorite food: Liver and Onions

 End on a spiritual note:

What God wants to do in us and through us is bigger than anything you could imagine doing or being on your own. Building a spiritual heritage with my family is the greatest honor I could have.

Nathanial and Amy Thurman – Children’s Pastors

•   Your most satisfying accomplishment: Being the Children’s Pastor at the church I grew up in.

•   Favorite 80’s song (or band): Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance

•   Least favorite food: It’s a battle between chili and meatloaf

 End on a spiritual note:

There is no greater opportunity than to raise children to follow in the way of Christ. There is no greater testimony than one of a life long passion for Christ and I consider it the greatest responsibility and joy to partner with parents in helping their children know, experience and grow in their love for God.

Michael and Abby Monte – Youth and Worship Pastors 

•   Your most satisfying accomplishment: Asking My Wife to marry me

•   Favorite 80’s song (or band): Band: Queen    Song – Bohemian Rhapsody

•   Least favorite food: I’m picky so I have tons – mushrooms and eggplant

 End on a spiritual note:

I love having to opportunity to lead others In worship. My desire is to lead people into an encounter with and experience with Jesus.

History of LifePoint 

During the 1950’s a group of six ladies gathered in a home Bible study, just north of the old Valley Center Library.  As those ladies gathered, they prayed for the city, and surrounding area.  From those prayers a vision was birthed for a Pentecostal church in Valley Center.  With the support of the Kansas District of the Assemblies of God, and the partnership of Central Assembly of God (now Calvary A/G) a fellowship was birthed.  The local library became the initial gathering place.

Through the years with dedicated leadership, involved and committed congregation, and continued prayer the church built its original building, and have expanded three times since.

Being engaged and involved within the community has been a part of LifePoint’s DNA  through the years.  As well as missions.  With several trips being taken, former staff serving in foreign fields, and the generosity of the church to give of time and resources to help fulfill the mandate given by Christ to go into all the world and preach the Gospel (Matthew 28:19).

In 2007 the church experienced a name change from Valley Center Assembly of God to LifePoint Church.  The name change better reflected the vision to our community and world.  The mission of LifePoint is Living the Kingdom of God through our Life Message, Involvement in one another’s lives through Life Groups (small group ministry), Facilitating passion and ministry through discipleship and training, and Effectively touching our circle of influence through lifestyle evangelism.

We are grateful for our heritage, and are excited about what lies ahead of us.