Life Groups @ LPC

Our 2019 Winter/Spring Session of Life Groups kick-off on January 27!  Take a moment and look at the groups that are being offered below. Or, be a part of the kick-off time after service on January 27 and February 3.

Life Groups meet throughout the week! In homes or some meet at the church.

Home Life Groups

Hosts: Roger & Vicki Arrington, Meet Immediately after Service
Hosts: Bill & Jaleen Roberts, Meet @ 4:00pm
Hosts: Josh & Tempa Huffman, Meet @ 4:00pm (Childcare Available)
Hosts: Bart & Jean Balthazor, Meet @ 5:30pm
Hosts: Charles & Senna Goodrich, Meet @ 6:00pm
Hosts: Michael & Abby Monte, LifePoint Students, Meet @ 5:00pm
Hosts: Michael & Abby Monte, Young Adults, Meet @ 7:00pm

Women’s Life Groups

Men’s Life Groups