Steve and Robin Rains – Lead Pastors

•   Your most satisfying accomplishment: Being able to invest in people.

•   Favorite 80’s song (or band): Kenny Loggins – Highway To The Danger Zone.

•   Least favorite food: Liver and Onions

 End on a spiritual note:

What God wants to do in us and through us is bigger than anything you could imagine doing or being on your own. Building a spiritual heritage with my family is the greatest honor I could have.

Nathanial and Amy Thurman – Children’s Pastors

•   Your most satisfying accomplishment: Being the Children’s Pastor at the church I grew up in.

•   Favorite 80’s song (or band): Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance

•   Least favorite food: It’s a battle between chili and meatloaf

 End on a spiritual note:

There is no greater opportunity than to raise children to follow in the way of Christ. There is no greater testimony than one of a life long passion for Christ and I consider it the greatest responsibility and joy to partner with parents in helping their children know, experience and grow in their love for God.

Michael and Abby Monte – Youth and Worship Pastors 

•   Your most satisfying accomplishment: Asking My Wife to marry me

•   Favorite 80’s song (or band): Band: Queen    Song – Bohemian Rhapsody

•   Least favorite food: I’m picky so I have tons – mushrooms and eggplant

 End on a spiritual note:

I love having to opportunity to lead others in worship.

My desire is to lead people into an encounter with and experience with Jesus.